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restaurant Lu Pilottu Terni
Lu Pilottu is an historic premises in Terni,a green oasis in the heart of the city, born as a place for snacks and then transformed into one of the best known restaurants of the Terni basin. 

Known for its fish based cuisine, since 2015, Lu Pilottu has been run by Adriano Gentileschi, who has always been in the restaurant sector and who, as well as running the restaurant, also takes care of the dining room and the choice of ingredients, strictly at 0Km
Besides the delicious sea food specialities, Lu Pilottu is also renowned for its pasta dishes, second courses of meat and grilled cuisine.

The restaurant

restaurant with open air places Terni
Lu Pilottu is a convenient and welcoming premises comprising two interior rooms, one very elegant with 50 places and one with 40 places characterized by a rustic ambience in wood, with a large fireplace.

Outside there is a lovely garden with 30 open-air places and a play area for children, as well as a gazebo that can host up to 50 covered. Easily reachable and a short distance from the city centre, the restaurant also boasts a spacious outdoor parking area.

All the fruit and vegetable products used in the kitchen are grown in our garden, visible from the restaurant, where we also produce the natural herbs.


fish based dishes Terni
The Lu Pilottu di Terni restaurant specialities are fish based dishes: in our seafood menu, that can vary based on the availability of the ingredients, you will find specialities such as lobster pacherri, mixed grilled fish, shrimp, fish skewers, turbot, monkfish, prawn cocktail and fish soup.

We also offer a rich and varied land based menu, with many meat based dishes coming from local suppliers at 0Km, such as Chianina, lamb, guinea fowl, boar, pigeon, tagliate and sirloin, as well as truffle and mushroom specialities.

Our pasta dishes are prepared with home-made pasta to combine with meat and fish sauces of your choice, while as regards desserts, as well as those made artisanally by us, we also offer seasonal specials, like basil cream pastry, gingerbread at Christmas and, on booking, also typical sweets from Neapolitan patisseries.

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The Lu Pilottu Restaurant is open at the following times:


From Tuesday to Saturday

12:30 – 14:30 | 19:00 – 22:00


12:30 – 14:30

banquets for ceremonies and events Terni


At the Lu Pilottu Restaurant we organize banquets for ceremonies and events, working lunches and outside catering.

In the city we are a benchmark for those who want to try a genuine and healthy cuisine, typical Umbrian specialities and impeccable fish dishes.

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